Fletcher is one of the children of Omni. He is the god and keeper of all Knowledge.

He spent a lot of his time in Niala on Eraterra instead of Enivid, He lived in a bookstore, watching the natural evolution of the world. He could stay there as long he didn’t interrupt life.

When his sister Philipas corruption started to scour Eraterra from the depths of Nayr, his good friend Wihelmena came to him and told him of the visions she had about the future to come.

She and him intervened by confronting Philipa at her citadel in the Drahcir region and stopping her spread of corruption. After the battle, they were forced to close Nayr. By altering the world he was forced to leave Eraterra and never return. So, with the help of Wihelmena, they created a giant glyph on the floor of his home, sealing all the knowledge collected in the curves of the symbols. They also produced a spirit vial which was placed in the bookshop. Where ever it lay, the village around would be protected from the eyes of evil and corruption.

Niala was forever known as the safe zone, where people who wanted a peaceful life or to those who craved knowledge.