Grydanian was King of a peaceful race of sea urchins.

When his people started dying off from the pollution of the earth walkers, he set out on a quest to find a Genie that lived in the depths of the ocean.

When he found the Wish maker, he felt uneasy and untrusting but in desperation, he made his wish while in mid speech without even knowing it. The Entity was not the Genie at all, instead an evil Telchine who manipulated the Kings words and tricked him in order to leave his people to the mercy of the Earth walkers.

The Kings wish was to be a light above his people and so the Telchine twisted the water around the King, raised the dirt from his feet and the very lifeforce was flung from his lungs. What felt like a blink of an eye, Grydanian awoke, yet not breathing. He was now a lamp, bright and beautiful, at his base was a map on a desk, He was indeed lighting over his people but upon looking around, he noticed it was in fact the desk of the man who was polluting his kingdom.


True to his wish, he now stood as a light to guide the destructors and not as their savior.

But is all hope lost, is there an honest earth walker to cross his path and bring a out the change that he so badly wanted.