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I recently finished my last lamp from the poetry collection of 2020.

For my birthday month. I will be posting 17 days of people in my life who have helped in some way to get through a pandemic, rough patches, loneliness and contemplation.

Tori Amos gets the first video because she is an energy source that we are all to lucky to have in our world, her views and lyrics match my own on so many levels and she was the reason the Collection started.

most is explained in the video.

Most of us are one year in to a whirlwind of emotions and isolation.

I have spoken to so many people

and the mood always seems to shift, from being filled with time and space to create... to being trapped in ones own thoughts and surrounded by blocks.

I would love to hear from you, what keeps you motivated and floating in the sea of life ?

For my birthday month I will be postsing 17 days of people who have gotten me out of the darkness, inspired or centered me in the last year.

I encourage you to do the same, support those who supported you.

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