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Rhythmic Lamps

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Typically when I start piecing together a new lamp, I draw inspiration from life and people around me. This method brings forth a character or a persona that, like a tree, starts with the roots at the base and sows the seeds of a personality by the time I reach the lampshade like a leafy canopy.

Like most artists, early on in 2020 we found ourselves disconnected and cut off from festivals, galleries and meetings, this severed a big part of my ability to create the way I was used too. I closed my workshop door and took comfort in the fact that I would know when to open it again.

About 2 months later, I was cleaning out some storage and I found a small engine gear in a box. Something about it made me pause and think of so many of the lost things in the world, little gadgets and memorabilia that once warmed our hearts and made us smile... now collecting dust or rusting away without a second thought.

The gear made me open the door again but instead of a lengthy story or a person attached to the building process, a little rhyme kept replaying in my head

"Twist, Slip, Grind & Crank

There's so much to this little tank"

This was what started the poetry design. A line of lamps created through rhymes.

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