Riley was one of the Vampire Queen Nevallias’ chief doctors. He was tasked with going from town to town to extract packets of blood to feed her and keep the vampire hysteria under wraps.

No harm, no foul… However, after a Magical Entity appeared and informed the Queen of a ritual where all her children of the night could walk in the sun, her blood lust raged out of control. She quickly notified the High Vampires to meet her at her castle in the Nos Yerg mountains.


The doctor did not want his soul to be tarnished by this evil act of murdering an entire village for the benefit of the Queen. Just his Luck that one night he was visited by a spirit who did not mention his name, but only whispered to secret to saving his soul and ending the vampire race. So, he went to Neelhtak, a village that was a tomb, the scattered remains from the black plague that was sweeping across the world at the time. He knew that the tainted blood was poison to Vampires and he saw it as a way of stopping them from killing the innocent instead of surviving in peace off of the little they needed to survive.

That night the blood wine was served and quickly one by one, Vampires started to convulse and wither. The Queen apprehended the doctor and tortured him into confessing what he had done. On the night where he was placed in a spike cage to be impaled above the surviving Vampire nobles, A woman by passed the magical barriers and in the blink of an eye saved the doctor by encasing his soul into a magical vial, therefore dripping tainted blood once again into the nobles glasses. Riley lives now as a protection to all who gaze upon him.