Far below Eraterra lies the vast world called Nayr. Beyond the suns reach is where the plant life takes on its own means of illumination. Where all manner of nocturnal beasts and flora thrive.

One of the most beautiful places along the banks of the Rek-Rap river is Drahcir where the Fungi forest of Trillimac lies, erected by the goddess of chaos (Philipa) while she was exploring Eraterra during its creation. She was locked away within the cave walls because of her abuse of power. It is said her energy still flows within the dark soil. Evidence of this is apparent under Trillimacs canopy, where the succubi continuously spawns from the spore secretion that has fallen to the magically infused soil.


Eraterrans cannot prove this because the entrance below has been sealed at the Nalon Gate. Only magic users who decipher the 13 glyphs can open it