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A day spent laying in an open field, the tall grass folding over me as the breeze cut across the tips.

Feeling the sun on my face and the cool dirt on my back.

The smell at this altitude is different then only a foot above it, There is a staleness to it but in the same instant you get a sweet scent that rolls in from a flower nearby.

When you are this close to the Gaia, when you spend a moment to feel her rugged skin against yours... You quickly realize how small you are. Not in a bad way, in a connected way... Everything around you is needed, as much as you need your next breath. The rocks to support the frail sprouting plants, The mushrooms to compost and nourish, the insects to burrow and fly, transporting new life from blossoms.

Trillimac was born from this day. A day where my troubles felt overwhelming until I got down and reclaimed my smallness.

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