1824, A kind hearted custodian worked at an orphanage in the southern states, witnessed the horrors of slavery and mistreatment of everyday humans because of the color of their skin and background.

While employed at this particular orphanage, he became known as Smiles. He always helped the children in any way he could, making them feel wanted and appreciated while alway having a smile on his face.

However, his greatest success in life was how he not only made the children feel loved but kept them safe and gave them a life. When a child was left at the doorstep that owners  claimed to be undesirable, Emile was tasked with getting rid of them. He instead took it upon himself to get the children to a safe house, where they were eventually sent  on the great secret railway destined for the free states and Canada.

He did this for over 40 years before his passing. While his last breath was taken an Angel appeared and offered him anything he desired because of his selflessness. He asked to be kept with the children and forever keep them safe.

She accepted the favor and his soul was transferred into a lamp that  stood in the common room of the orphanage. It lit the cold dark nights for the children until it closed its doors and now offers a warm glow to anyone who needs a little light in their life.