The blood countess was the first wife of the infamous Dracula and also sister to the Vampire Queen Nevalia that lived in the West.

She was victim to blood lust like her sister but soon found solace in learning and discovering with the humans she hid among.

She became estranged from her sister and husband because of their evil ways, so she purchased a castle in Nelle, far in the north east of Eraterra and led by her own ideals.

She survived on animal blood from butchers and during the nights she would spend listening and exchanging stories about every manner of topic.

Years passed and her truth became apparent but the locals never paid much attention to it as she never hurt anyone and they felt she kept the village safe. All that changed when news from the east started to spread across the land of Vampires massing together, emptying towns and destroying whole dynasties. This was all Isadoras sisters doing.

To keep her friends and the village safe, Isadora called a meeting. She explained of a psychic connection between vampires and that the town was not safe because she did not heed the call of her sister for a great blood ritual… Nevalia would come after her and kill all who she cared for.

The way to remedy the situation and keep everyone safe was then presented. Isadoras’ friend Wihelmena would cast a soul trap spell and by doing so, the village would be an empty space to vampire eyes.

The villagers cheered and held a great feast the night of the magical rite but the joy was silenced when Isadora gave her speech. She stated that because her sister had become so powerful, she must give her whole essence and never return to the living world. Wihelmena would encase all of her undying blood into a crystal vial giving a 10km radius of protection from evil eyes. As long as she was lit each night, the surrounding area would never know unlawful harm. That night the town mourned for the last time, for everyday after they would only remember the sacrifice of a friend and be grateful for their lives.