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She was one of the forbidden offspring from the original gods; Life and Death. As a punishment from Omni for their conception, the childrens’ lives would be spared but they would be cursed by only living under deaths rule of a night time existence. Their Mothers voice would only be heard in dreams as they slept in the day. ​ The unforeseen effect of this was that the girls started to crave and survive on the blood of the living who walked in the day, as their blood had the radiance of the suns’ energy within it. This created what we now call Vampires, creatures that are neither living nor dead.

Nevallia was never content with rules like her sister Isadora. She prayed to her mother daily in her sleep for an end to the limitations of her existence. One day Life appeared in her dreams and told her how to become absolute. When she awoke, she ordered her head doctor Riley to gather the blood of 200 living souls in order to perform the sun ritual.  This would empower her and the nobles that she had gathered at her castle in the Nosyerg mountains to walk in day and night.

Death became enraged at the idea of this ritual. The vampires would become untouchable and their ancient souls would never be his.  He entered the Doctors dreams one night and saw that his soul craved purity and not be tainted by murdering innocents. He whispered to him he could end this bloodshed and keep his soul pure by acquiring dead blood from plague victims instead of the slaughter.  This blood was undetectable poison to vampires.

​As the ritual began and the tainted blood wine was dispersed, Nevallia quickly noticed her nobles screaming in pain and in a rage, she apprehended Riley.  She spent the days that followed murdering anything that crossed her path in the night that had a heartbeat and searched for her sister who was absent for the magical rite, thinking she could be the link to another way of existing.

Finally, Omni had to intervene as all beings on Eraterra were in danger from the evil offspring. Nevallia twisted the promises of Life and Death, so, Omni granted the vampire the power to exist in the light of the sun but took away her mobility and influence by encasing her in a crystal taken from the bowels of her soul.

To this day, you can still see Nevallias’ essence radiate at night within the crystal.

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