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When the night choruses fall silent

And the hair on your arms rise

When cool breeze comes out of the stillness

And goosebumps form like a rash


The glow of the moon that lit your way

Only seems to emphasize your demise

The speed of your feet quickens now

From a simple stroll to a mad dash


Looking for the shape that startled you

Hoping your fear is silly and untrue


Just then your run is in vain

You feel air born, you feel a sharp pain


The sting of a bee or some insect of the night

What is it that gave you such a freight


You grow weak and sleep seems to take hold

Your vision goes blurry and you feel cold


But as quick as it happened, you get an adrenaline surge

All your worries, pain seemingly purge


Your vision is restored, the world is clear

You see your attacker but have no fear


Nevallia stands there like a vision before you

This beautiful creature accomplished what she set out to do


You walk the night as comfortable as the day

Never to question mortality or bodily decay


The vampires kiss claimed your life

But also quelled your anxieties in a world full of strife

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