A scryer of great power. Her knowledge and abilities were famous across Eraterra. She took great pleasure in helping the less fortunate get a leg up on life without disrupting the balance. Abusing the natural flow of magic would mean losing her abilities and part of her life force with it.

On many occasions she was present for the creation of soul casing. A magical extraction of energy from beings who were close to death, that did remarkable deeds in their life. The casing was then sent to the Conservator for keeping. Encasing a healthy soul was forbidden as it would take the casters life force to extract.

During a session with a boy whose village was being destroyed. The Scryer found out the culprit was a Succubus under the guise of a beautiful woman. She saw terrible things to come and an alliance that would bring about untelling destruction.

She took this moment to quickly prepare and attack. Using her scrying glass as a transport, she appeared in the chambers of the Succubus (V’Sconia). Battling with brute force and magic. The Succubus almost escaped but Wihelmena caught her in time to slow time enough and cast an entrapment spell. She knew by doing this it would also be her undoing as V’Sconias’ energy was too great. She did the incantation and set free the energy needed, as blinding light filled the room, The Succubus was trapped within a mind shattering vial.

The collector came to gather the magical item, after witnessing the sacrifice of the Scryer, He took the remaining magic force from her dying body and encased it in a spectacular frosted vial for the Conservator to build into a piece of art with a touch of positive energy.