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A child of Omni. Her legacy would later brand her as the goddess of chaos. As beautiful as she was deadly.

She would sneak away to Eraterra and stir up small issues but they were always extinguished from her siblings, so she found a place that her siblings wouldn’t go. Deep below the vast lands of Eraterra, she found Nayr. As large as above but sunless and damp, where creatures lived that were not welcome above.

It was down there were she started to experiment and twist the natural energy around her to fit her lonely and chaotic soul. She raised the Trillimac forest on the banks of the Rek-Rak river. They glowed purple, green and blue and grew over 40 feet high. Their spores are poisonous when they are disturbed, paralyzing their victims to be left as food for the creatures below. She also had a citadel built not far from the forest in Drahcir.

When she was ousted by a witch who saw the visions of her chaos spreading, Philipa was stopped. Her Brother and other magic users battled her in the great caves below. Finally sealing her in a soul trap spell that encased her in a 1000 glyph protection prism. She was buried deep within the walls of her collapsed citadel, never to be found.

The entrances to Nayr were also collapsed except for the great Nalon gate. Where 13 glyph riddles were placed. The opening sequence was kept in Niala forever protected by Fletcher himself. There was also a hidden entrance beneath the Rek-Rap river that had a magically enhanced rapid wall pushing through to the Annod sea.

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