Arkin was a Blacksmith from Segroeg, who made magical weapons for his King.

​Shortly after a beautiful woman (V’sconia) claimed the Kings heart, He realized the Kings noble conquests had started to become slaughters of innocents just for treasure and power. Arkin refused to give his magical essence to the Kings weapon and armor until he ceased his tirade.

The King was furious and declared Arkin a traitor and his entire family would pay with their lives. Knowing the King would not rest until his life was ended or he was forced to use his craft again, Arkin sent his family to a land of protection called Niala far from the Kings rule.

He reached out to the one person who could help, A soul encaser and diviner Wihelmena. She arrived and after hearing the plea she filled his hut with magical energy and with a mighty strike of his mallet he was fused inside a glass urn and transported to the Conservator. Arkin would whisper his insights and knowledge to work with the craftsman and all who sit with him.