Son of a well-established family, he was promised to the marry a great Empress.  This marriage would bring calm to centuries of unrest.

Unbeknown to his family, his affection laid with a doctor who was employed by a well know evil Queen. 


When the Queen learned that the doctor was going to leave her for this noble man, she alerted the clergy and forced them to falsely accuse him of witchcraft in exchange for a generous monetary donation.  She also falsified a letter to Riley, her doctor, that he had changed his mind and would marry the Empress instead.

Within hours Rupert was arrested and accused without trial as being a servant of the dark.  By the weeks end, he was burned by the very people who had once respected him.  As his flesh burned, a being of immense light appeared before him and as it touched his charred cheek, a sense of serenity overcame him.   Without any words exchanged, the entity knew how important it would be for his type of love to endure in the years to come.

In an instant, a flash brighter than the sun replaced the pain of the burn he was feeling with a sense of hopefulness; and while his vision escaped him, his thoughts only turned to the love he had for Riley.

Rupert was spared from fading into nothingness and instead his loving soul was placed in a spirit bottle to be used by the Conservator to activate it into an object so it can radiate someone in need of a little love and compassion.