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In the time of the Fairies, the world prospered with natural beauty. The great oaks of the east in Notlad forest and Pines of the west Enelrahc forest. They were the skyscrapers that cut the horizon, crystal clear streams nourished those towers and the flowers and shrubbery gave a palette to any artistic eye.

Everything was in synchronicity until the day man arrived... The destruction was slow at first but gradual. The trees were being cut down at alarming rates, so fast Merryweather and the sprites couldn’t keep up with replanting. When the Fairy Queens magic and her peoples lights were fading from a darkness that was growing from Nayr, She went to Enelrahc with Juniper and other high ranking Sprits and conjured a magic rite to save all that she could. All the Fae folk retreated to their cocoons of hibernation, to focus all their energy on keeping the forest kingdoms alive.

With all the combined energy from the sleeping fairies, she gathered the essence of everything simple, beautiful and natural as a beacon to the pure of heart to always fight for the joys in life rather than the gains. Within the resin of the giant pine in the center of the Enelrahc forest, she now slumbers. It was the first time a Fae Queen was not laid to rest in the Fiona Mausoleum high in the giant oak of Notland forest.

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