A young boy that went to work with his mother as a scullery maid in Anitnelav. He would tend to the pots and pans as well as cleaning the vegetables and fish. He was left in charge to toss away any bruised fruit or spoiled fish before they reached the dining room of the masters home. Unbeknownst to anyone, he would store away the half decent items instead of throwing it out and disperse it to the peasant villagers that needed it so badly.

The family succumbed to a horrible tragedy and lost everything. All the house staff were sent back to their home in Neelhtak. At the same time the plague started to spread, the young boy became one of the affected and as he lay dying, a Grand witch from the village he had once fed arrived and tried to cure him but he was too deeply infected and her magic was weakened from trying to protect the others from the village.

She instead called out to a colleague who could make sure his life force would continue on, With Glumbar releasing his last breath… A light filled his room, a woman stood before him in gorgeous flowing green and purple silks. The light raised from his throat along with his breath and entered a glass charm that the woman held, it glowed vibrant blue once it was sealed.

In an instant that woman disappeared. The Witch reassured Glumbars’ mother that his good soul will forever be surrounded by light and would spread goodness wherever he was.