A young boy that went to work with his mother as a scullery maid. He would tend to the pots and pans as well as cleaning the vegetables and fish. He was left in charge to toss away any bruised fruit or spoiled fish before they reached the dining room of the Masters home. Unbeknownst to anyone, he would store away the half decent items instead of throwing it out and disperse it to the peasant villagers that needed it so badly.


During the years of the plague, the young boy became one of the affected and as he lay dying, a Grand witch from the village he had once fed arrived and tried to cure him. She was unable to save his body but could keep his spirit alive by fusing him with the last objects with which he touched. She acted quickly and once his spirited lifted from his earthly body, she transferred him to the beautiful copper pieces he worked with everyday in the kitchen.


Because his mother was so frail as well, she asked the Witch to take the pieces and make sure to keep them safe. The Witch brought them to an artisan friend and he fashioned the parts into a lamp, He was kept in the local library and was said to be able to warm the coldest nights and soothe the saddest of hearts when he was alit.