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2020, so much to take in

2020 has been a mixed bag for everyone. Some have found the quiet to be a great reprieve and some have reignited anxieties that have been in slumber because of the forced and abrupt change.

I have certainly bounced back and forth. However, when I am in my workshop... The thought that usually lingers in the back of my mind towards the next move has been quieted and instead I have a singular focus on the character before me.

My creative process shifted a little as well. Instead of heavily drawn out characters and backstories that transpired during sewing, glueing, painting or piecing each lamp together; a more emotionally stream of consciousness came forth. Some are written as a poem while others are ramblings based on the moment of conception.

The world has been filled with so much turmoil lately.

What feels like scary and difficult times are actually the beginning of a beautiful change. All things worthwhile come from a struggle and living through the struggle has been an amazing movement to witness.

Another change that I hope to see in the near future is the retirement of bland, monochromatic lighting that is only for blending in the the background... I will do another post on that soon. We need colour in our life as much as we need the sun.

Looking forward to sharing the 2020 line to you, the new Youtube channel and the many other things coming up.

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