The metal base is painted a deep brown and then stained with a transparent black to give it some depth without being obvious.


I used a white ceramic vase because of the pattern. The detail the artist put into it is subtle at a quick glance but so intricate when you look closer.


The red flower is from the same chandelier that the clear glass vase is. It was painted with a few shades of red to give it dimension and sealed with a blend of matte and semi-gloss sealant.


The two top caps are slightly detailed using colors from the various preceeding parts.


I used a pull chain socket because I wanted the demon claw to show through once the characters back story came about near the end of completion.


The shade is lined in white satin and then wrapped with a sheer floral print in reds and pink while the stems are charcoal instead of the obvious greens. The charcoal braided trim is used to finish off all edging inside and out.