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What pushes you towards creation, what divides the mundane

There is a fine line to the progressive emotion that excels us

We can stray to the bottom dweller, the parallel focused enemy

The one who doesn’t want to see the outcome, who marvels in the blur

It's not a battle easily won, if you don’t keep in check

You need to find your grounding tools, the things that keep us close to the maternal

The friend, the object, the poem, the song, the lover, the energy of positivity

I am thinking of you tonight, knowing that you are in pain

Your heart is thumping, your words are shaken

Know that you are not in this verse alone, I am here with you

Let me lend a hand, whether it be physical or cosmic.

I need you to find bliss

You’re here for a reason

I thought of you because we are connected

That means something, you made an imprint

Let's heal together.

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